Re: caret-color (and caret-width?)

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Subject: Re: caret-color (and caret-width?)
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Le 26/01/2017 ? 16:57, Richard Shann a ?crit :
I see at

that there is a caret-color property. Is it possible to change the
thickness of the text caret?

that is "-GtkWidget-cursor-aspect-ratio".

I see - I did spot that cursor-aspect-ratio style item, but could not
guess that I had to prefix it with -GtkWidget-
So I have the following code which now works:

str =  "GtkTextView {-GtkWidget-cursor-aspect-ratio: 0.2;}";
gcp= gtk_css_provider_new();
gtk_css_provider_load_from_data(gcp, str, -1, 0);
gtk_style_context_add_provider(gsc, GTK_STYLE_PROVIDER(gcp), 

and, how exactly is caret-color supposed to be set I have:

str = "GtkTextView {caret-color: rgb(255,0,80);}";

Which GTK version do you use?  this property is new in 3.20, before that
you had to use "-GtkWidget-cursor-color" instead.

ah, yes, that was the trouble, well that and not finding anything to
suggest that I needed to prefix the style property name with -GtkWidget-

thank you very much for this I'm now back on course.


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