well,  thanks to zz, i think i have something that actually

most or all of you know how, but for those wsho are new to gtk, i 
will explain what i learned.  

i have a "value changed" callback that prints the value every time
the horizontal slider is moved one increment.

cb_get_value (GtkAdjustment *adj)
  double value;

   * get the value for each hscale
  value = gtk_adjustment_get_value(adj);
  fprintf(stdout,"hscale value: %g\n",value);

[ because i have at least four of these scales and the gender the
user wishes, i may not  call this function until late in the
'Options' section.  yet to be decided. ]

thanks to the whole list for everybody's help.  i should be able to
finish the  project from here on without any further questions.

famous last words [?]



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