Re: no "File", "Edit, "Help" strings in upper left

On 01/28/2012 11:38 PM, schuster bernhard googlemail com wrote:

Give gtk-demo binary a shot, it includes a multitude of minimal examples



Nada. but it compiles with my gcc string and works as it is coded on debian linux; on my sub-laptop. but ubuntu: nope. i added gtk-demo and rebuilt. typing

$ gtk-demo

pops up a rectangle with a bunch of items, but the GTK+ Code Demos lacks the menubar ...

Gary Kline schrieb am 29.01.12 02:51:

i am testing several tutorial examples to get the top menubar, but
after four tries, zip. there are no complaints from the compiler.
i can't figure this one out. anybody of the list have any ideas?

the site says it builds for linux, but the makefile blows up. my own
compile line does not blow up; the only thing missing is the menubar
with the lines

File Edit Help

missing. .

any ideas? can anybody who is running ubuntu 11.10 send me the
smallest gtk program possible with one menubar working?

i need to set up a slider to give a range of words/minute so that
people who may be hard-of-hearing or not necessary english speakers
will have an easier time understanding the computer....


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