Re: Are there such tings like custom signals?

On 01/23/2012 02:18 AM, Manuel Ferrero wrote:
Il 20/01/2012 18.08, Jack ha scritto:

However, that is separate from knowing that the button has been pushed,
so you can then start the communications. For this, is there any reason
to use a custom signal? Wouldn't it be easier to catch the standard
signal emitted when a button is pushed, by attaching a call-back routine?

Infact there is no need for a custom signal once you know about GIOChannel.
But my question was intended for general cases. If I need to trigger a 
complicated task when a button is pushed I'll write a callback to manage 
the standard signal in which I'll start my $COMPLEX_PROCESS then return.
The question was about how to write $COMPLEX_PROCESS: it doesn't involve 
GUI so it doesn't have any standard signal, but I'd like to have the 
signal-callback paradigm and I was wondering if GTK gives me some tool 
or if I have to rely on an external infrastructure for it.

GTK indeed gives you a tool for generating your own signals.  You can
then catch them normally.

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