Are there such tings like custom signals?

I'm learning GTK+ and I was able to write, compile and run a simple code on my win32 PC to create a window with a button in it and monitor with a callback if the user presses the button. I learned that GTK+ reacts to user events signalling on the object that received the event.

Now I'd like to execute some custom code when the button is pressed, i.e. I'd like to open a COM port and send some strings on it and then wait for an answer. I was wondering if there is some custom signal I can use to keep the same event-driven philosophy to exchange messages between process.

Maybe the question is not well placed, I'm really newbie on this programmation style, I'm an embedded C developer so I don't know a lot about GUI and OSes...


GTK+ 2.24.8
Windows XP
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