Re: Runtime environment for GTK+ application

On 01/12/2012 04:38 PM, Manuel Ferrero wrote:
I'm learning GTK developement on a Windows XP machine.
I was able to successfully build a simple hello world and I read about
the need to include more than the plain exe file if I want to distribute
my application to someone else.
I have two question somehow related.
First: I can't find a precoocked package or at least a best practice
document on which files are needed to distribute with my application,
can someone point me on the right direction, please?
Second ancd very similar to the first: I know my hello world is working
because I copied the exe file in the bin directory of my GTK
installation. I was expecting I can run it from any folder in my
computer because I put the GTK installation base folder in my path
though, but I get some dll error. Do I forgot something during the GTK

Another link to some useful info:

You may also want to check/use this runtime (although it's GTK+ 2.22.0)
I use for several of my apps:
Extra info about building app/installer on win32 is available on the
site (

Emmanuel Thomas-Maurin <manutm007 gmail com>

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