Re: Where is GStatBuf ?

On 25 Feb 2012, at 20:44, Tadej Borovšak wrote:

Here is the link to current head in git:

Quickly looking at the log revealed that it's been almost 2 years
since this file has been changed significantly for the last time, so
your version should have the same file.

Thanks again Tadej.  Maybe my version is just slightly too old then.  It's dated 13th Mar 2010 but in my 
copy, that same variable is called '_g_stat_struct' so I guess it must have gotten renamed shortly after I 
downloaded the source code.

BTW, on disk, this header is probably located under

As it happens I'm using the win32 versions of glib and gtk+ but I don't suppose that should make a 
difference.  The source code is presumably the same for all platforms?


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