Re: [win32]g_iochannel and USB

On 02/22/2012 06:35 AM, Manuel Ferrero wrote:
I read the thread, now I know I have to link against the right version 
of msvcrt.dll.
But I'm compiling with MinGW and according what Tor Lillqvist said in 
that thread it should work.
I don't specify any path in my IDE, I just choose the MinGW gcc as a 
compiler, so I assume I'm using the right DLL. How can I be sure?

Still, I can't manage to create a giochannel with the handle I get from 
the USB DLL CP210x_Open function.

Perhaps you need to use this tool on your exe to find out just what dlls
it is pulling in:

I have a strong hunch that the dll providing CP210x_Open is compiled
against a much newer version of msvcrt than GTK is.  Unfortunately that
is a problem because I'm not sure that mingw works with newer versions
of msvcrt, and you'd have to rebuild GTK probably as well.

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