Re: Is there a developer wiki for gtk?

Hi, thanks for the response Tristian it helped me move from untrusting to
cautious optimism.

I'll ask my questions and attempt to be clear and thoughtful of other
peoples time.

However, I really would be interested in a gtk app developer wiki.

On 27/11/2011 10:18 PM, "Tristan Van Berkom" <tvb gnome org> wrote:

   Please feel free to ask newbie or advanced questions on this list.

I have found this list very helpful over the years, when I started using
list it was much much more of an "elitist" society of RTFM-like responses.

Remember that nobody is required to respond to questions (I dont know
of any paid positions for that sort of thing, it's all volunteer work).

If you ask a question that sounds like a demand, you will certainly get
a cold response if you get any response at all, because as I mentioned
above, anyone who answers your question is doing it on their own time.

A clear subject line is always very important, sometimes even finding
the right way to form your question will give you the answer before
sending the email (in my first years I can remember discarding almost
half of my emails which were just questions which I had not yet phrased

Showing/proving that you have done your part of the research and have hit
a dead-end helps to earn you sympathy points.

For your particular question about those "MacOS button-group-thingies",
those are implemented in GTK+-3 using CSS.

I can't tell you the exact details because I have not used that exact

I expect that it works specifically for GtkButtons inside a GtkButtonBox,
the GtkButtonBox will apply pseudo classes to the first and last of its
children (allowing you to style them differently, i.e. with the round

So, all you need to do is find out if it is indeed the GtkButtonBox which
implements this pseudo-classing of it's children, or if it can be done
a simple GtkBox... then you need to find out the actual name of the
pseudo-class (i.e. is it called "first-child" and "last-child" ?).

Finally you need to cook up the right css to say that "first-child"
of a "GtkButtonBox" get a specific style (probably you will provide a
image for that).

Good luck and welcome to our friendly list.


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