Drag-n-Drop behaviour when draging from OpenOffice

Very grateful for any pointers.

I have working code - using PyGtk on Linux - all very nice...
but something I am trying to do is not quite right.

Dragging a text block from an app - word or spreadsheet - onto a

The dragndrop works -ish.

If I drag a file or some text from e.g. Gedit I get a cursor indication(+)
when I
am over the DrawingArea and if I am using drag-motion (which I want to)
I get callbacks for all motion over the DrawingArea.


If I drag something from e.g. OpenOffice, the drag cursor is a
warning/forbidden icon and I only get a single motion-cb on entering the
DrawingArea and no more events. The drop seems to work ok though.
but I do want the motion-cb functionality so I can control actions by
determining the drop location.

Am I missing a datatype here - I don't know what types are valid though
I have tried to include as many types as I can in my datatype list.



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