gtk+3 and the user's homedir .gtkrc-3.0

The gtk3 reference on resource files,  gtk+-3.0.2/docs/reference/gtk/html/gtk3-Resource-Files.html,states 
that,  although deprecated,      "certain files will be read at the end of gtk_init().        Unless 
modified, the files looked for will be      <SYSCONFDIR>/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and .gtkrc-3.0 in the users home 
My experience with the ~/.gtkrc-3.0 file when running my application compiled against gtk+-3.0.2is that it 
has no effect at all.
Specifically,   I have a file named both gtkrc-2.0 and gtkrc-3.0  (both hard-linked to same content which I 
show below)
When I compile my app against gtk-2 and run it,  I see the expected result,with the HighContrast theme 
applied to borders etc and the text of my GtkEntry entryBox in  Binner Gothic font.
When I compile the same app against gtk-3 and run it in the same way (without any XDG_CONFIG_HOME or any use 
of any new gtk-3 settings features such as a settings.ini,  css styles etc,i.e. trying to simulate a simple 
migration with only re-bulding the app),I see plain old Raleigh and the Sans 10 font for the text in the 
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ?  (in the documentation or in the code?)
By the way,  yes,  I did verify that my gtk3 build is in effect in my gtk3 scenario -I set up a settings.ini 
and css stylesheet as another variation,  and triedwith a new-to-gtk3 widget (lightswitch)  and then get my 
settings applied and thelight-switch works as expected.
(BTW-1  - I tried to search the mailing list for hits on .gtkrc-3.0 and got            Oops! This link 
appears to be broken.The requested URL /mailman/search was not found on this server
BTW-2  I hope this is the correct list for this question -  if not please advise)
Cheers   John Lumby

----------------------------------------------------------------------------content of ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and 
# When turned on, this option causes gtk to select the contents of an entry field when it becomes 
focused.gtk-entry-select-on-focus = 1
# Controls the keybindings that gtk uses for text entry/editing/etc# The "emacs" theme turns on things like:# 
ctrl-a == move to beginning of line, ctrl-e == move to end of line, etc.gtk-key-theme-name = 
"Emacs"gtk-theme-name = "HighContrast"
# The following section allows you to change the style of the entry boxstyle "garish"{   font_name = "Binner 
Gothic"   bg[NORMAL] = "#FF0B0B"   fg[NORMAL] = "#00CDFF"   bg[ACTIVE] = "#00FF0B"   fg[ACTIVE] = "#CD00FF"   
bg[PRELIGHT] = "#FF0B0B"   fg[PRELIGHT] = "#AAAA11"   bg[SELECTED] = "#FF0B0B"   fg[SELECTED] = "#11F2F2"}# 
Set the widget style for the conversation entry boxwidget "*entrybox" style "garish"widget_class "GtkEntry" 
style "garish"class "GtkEntry" style "garish"

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