Re: how to display initial information of program

Suggest you open another window with the information displayed in it and a button which can be clicked to completely destroy the window if the user wants to do this.

You can also destroy the window from your application when you know it is no longer needed.

You can of course setup a container widget with your information; display it in your current window and destroy it when appropriate.

Rgds Bill

On 22/06/11 01:16, jh_wang2004 wrote:
hi all:
In my app program initialization, it connects database, initializes SDL video channel,etc .
these actions have been done before gtk mainloop,
i want to display these  initial message to user, and destroy the widget after initialization has been done, 
which widget shall i use?
I try to use gtkdialog without button, but it seems prevents theFollow-upinstructions£¨for that wait for 
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