Re: interested in gtk+ project development

On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 00:56 +0100, Jaroslav ÅmÃd wrote:
If you are currently learning C, please, learn the difference between 
size_t, int and long - some of glib/GTK devs didn't and because of that 
they use int in places where size_t is more appropriate.

where size_t is appropriate, glib developers use gsize.

 For example 
g_application_open() - quite new API and they had to mess it up by using 
(g)int instead of size_t. Or they can do magic and even on system with 
sizeof(size_t) < sizeof(int) they actually can manipulate with objects 
impossible to allocate (although I don't know of such system, but C 
standard doesn't forbid it).

so it should have been written for platforms that not only don't have a
port of GLib, but are also non-existing?

 On the other hand, on systems with 
sizeof(size_t) > sizeof(int), they limit you.

or we should have written g_application_open() for platforms in which
you can open more than 2+ *billion* files at the same time?

just one question: are you for real?



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