Re: interested in gtk+ project development

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 1:47 PM, Patrick Noble <pnob32 gmail com> wrote:
Hey All,
My names Patrick Noble, and was hoping for a few pointers... I am interested
in learning about and helping out in a development project such as Glade or
GTK+, and was wondering if my experience level makes this pointless. I am
currently learning through C, and am fairly confident in its main structure
and common built in functions. I also have experience working with the gooey
GUI builder of glade, although I have almost no knowledge of GTK+
programming. Any advice as far as skills I should look into or places I
could help out?

    We are always short of hackers for Glade, I wont be around for the
following couple of days but if you want to contribute to Glade I will be
pleased and happy to coach you and help you to learn about GTK+/GObject
and the Glade code base.

The best thing would be for you to hang out on the #glade3 irc channel,
and it wouldn't hurt to lurk around on #gtk+ too at least to observe and

Thanks for taking an interest, if you're interested in hacking on Glade
please do come and hang out on irc for starters (and... try building
Glade git master with GTK+ 3.0).


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