Re: GTK 3 support status


On 4 December 2011 02:41, John Lindgren <john lindgren aol com> wrote:

I am wondering what the status of GTK 3 is at this time with regard to bugs
reported by application developers.

the status is always the same: bugs reported will be looked at by the
gtk maintainers depending on time.

you may want to join the #gtk+ IRC channel, on if you
want to poke a maintainer.

ÂI reported a rather serious bug
( a month and a half ago,
and there is still no comment from any GTK developer.

ÂThe bug affects the
Audacious project to the point that we will be forced to go back to using
GTK 2.x if it is not resolved soon. ÂI agree with the conclusion of another
user that this is a bug "breaking [the] UI design" of GTK applications.

the source of the issue is that gtk3 does not allow widget
underallocations, unlike gtk2. underallocations were a huge source of
edge cases, code complexity, and nasty bugs in gtk2 and when the time
came to review the size negotiation implementation, and add support
for height-for-width and width-for-height, keeping support for
underallocations would have made the code balloon out of the
maintainership capabilities of the gtk team - as well as introduce new
and exciting bugs. this is why setting the minimum size using
set_size_request() will not work in your case: the label's minimum
size is bigger than the size you requested.

long story short: if you want to set the minimum size on a label you
can do it with the set_width_chars() method:



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