Re: Question on touchscreen devices

Hello all,

I'm tinkering with the idea of writing a GTK+ app targeted at an
industrial touchscreen all-in-one device (like this one: But I first would like
to write the app to see if works on a "conventional" PC (with mouse)
and then port it to the touchscreen device. My questions:

1) Is there (from the application's point of view) any difference
between a (left) mouse click and a tap on the screen? That's actually
the only action I need -- no dragging, no right or middle mouse


2) I will do the developing on a Linux box, but the app may end up on
a Windows device (this depends on what my employer will ultimately
buy). Is the touchscreen handling on Windows different than that on

The application will function the same on both platforms.  The difference
will be in the device drivers.  Linux will require modification of your
xorg.conf file and a compatible driver for your device.  Most touchscreens
come with Windows drivers and associated utilities that make them easier
to install and configure.

I have had no problems using Elo or Microtouch touchscreens with Linux.

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