Re: GtkNotebook with action on click of special tab

Hi Bernhard

Checked my code and last updated my notebook handling source last November. Probably written 6 months earlier, and changes were to restructure the way I was using GTK, rather than change the notebook handling area. So I might have forgotten a few implementation problems I solved at the time

I only use the switch-page signal and it displays fine for me (GTK2 on Ubuntu 10.10). Dont use any other signals to handle notebook pages.

Set current page works as expected for me. I recall I had a problem in that if no data was displayed on the page, then the new page was not displayed... not what I expected, but fixed by setting up some data on the page.

Hope this helps.

Regards Bill

On 27/04/11 08:47, Bernhard Schuster wrote:
Now I am adding a a new page on the "switch-page" signal. It works
well so far BUT I got a focus problem. No matter if I try to focus it
via gtk_notebook_set_current_page instantly after adding the page, or
in a function glued to the signal "page-added", the clicked tab will
show up. So is there any tipp you can give me to achieve the effect I

Thanks for any hint(s)!

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