[MORE UPDATE] app crashes with segfault within gtk_init()

I've been working on my project for several weeks, using anjuta,
incrementally building it as I go.

Last wednesday, immeadetely before shutting down for the day I did a
clean -> build -> install ->test that completed successfully (as far as
incomplete code can).

On friday I started up anjuta and repeated the process as I always do,
but when test running the program it crashed with illegal instruction
as soon as it reached the call to gtk_init().

I made no changes to the code in between wed & fri. so I find it
confusing, where can I look for a cause?

I tried shutting anjuta and doing the old fashion "make uninstall ->
make clean -> autoheader -> aclocal -> automake -ac -> autoconf
-> ./configure make make install -> run" thing to no avail.

in the meantime I have been using test/tryout code (working on small
chunks like menubar, textview, ...) that use the same pre gtk_init()
code that runs correctly using gcc -Wall -g ... 

I have now isolated the problem further, using anjuta to create a new
GTK project it creates a main function that calls gtkbuilder and avery
basic interface definition.

This builds and runs ok.

Comment out gtkbulder calls and substitute hand crafted interface
definition and the code builds successfully but running the exec
results in a segfault when gtk_init (or gtk_init_check) is called.

If I mix glade file and hand crafted definitions and use gtkbuilder no

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