help about chinese netpage show

Hi,guys.I am using the gtk+ 2.17.0 to suppport  wetkit to get access theinternet。
It works well with small chinese page like andothers,and it work 
well on english netpage too (big or small).but when loading the big page like fonts become terrible bad,nearly all fonts are mismatch and 
the fonts are mingled with eachother.I first double it is the wetkit's problem,
but when I run gtd-demo to show chinese fonts. the page is ok,but after I scroll 
the mice to test fonts redraw,the window become bad again.                                      
So can anybody tell me what's the problem is.or if it is a bug of gtk? does it has 
been solved in newer version?
waiting for your reply.and thanks all for your spirit in open world.
I also test japanese netpage like, and found the fonts are 
mingled with eachother too.

Best Regards,
Bojie Zhou 
#name:Bojie Zhou
#cell: +8615257153199
#hansuntech hangzhou

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