Re: get list of available locales

We've implemented this sort of thing -- a language selector that
lets you choose between 13 supported languages -- in gretl,
another GTK app.  I'm not sure we're doing it in the best way, but
it seems to work OK.  It's definitely fiddly work. To see what we
did, look at gretl_intl.c, lines 398 to 680.

Thanks for your reply. I was afraid that this was the answer. It's
amazing that this is not a more common question.

This bit of code is what I was thinking about doing already. Glad to
have some confirmation that such an approach is workable.

   char *test = setlocale(LC_ALL, lcode);
  565 # ifndef WIN32
  566     if (test == NULL) {
  567   char lfix[32];
  569   sprintf(lfix, "%s.UTF-8", lcode); /* Ubuntu, grr */
  570   test = setlocale(LC_ALL, lfix);

Thanks again,

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