Re: Stop alt-spacebar window menu

Good idea, but it doesn't work, you still get a window menu which pops up under where the title bar would be if there were one. Makes the toolbar look a bit funny. Alt-F4 still quits the app as well. That's another show stopper I hadn't thought of until now. Ho hum.

Kevin DeKorte wrote:
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On 05/28/2009 02:09 PM, Bill Farmer wrote:
Looks like it's a show stopper, which is a shame because I've already
got a nice layout, and got the keyboard interaction going. The problem
is that the emulation has to bear some resemblance  to the real
instrument, and be playable, so even if I don't use the alt key, users
are likely to hit it by accident when playing. This had already happened
to users of the windows version until I figured out how to stop it.

Can you set the window to be "undecorated" and then just make sure you
have a quit button some where on the interface?

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