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Looks like it's a show stopper, which is a shame because I've already got a nice layout, and got the keyboard interaction going. The problem is that the emulation has to bear some resemblance to the real instrument, and be playable, so even if I don't use the alt key, users are likely to hit it by accident when playing. This had already happened to users of the windows version until I figured out how to stop it.

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
On 05/28/2009 11:51 AM, Bill Farmer wrote:

The reason for wanting to capture the alt-spacebar combination is
because the keyboard is being played as a musical instrument using the
function keys on one side, and the control, alt, and spacebar on the
other side. So, every time the user presses alt-spacebar, the app main
window loses the keyboard focus, he has to put the keyboard down, and
use the mouse to dismiss the menu, as the escape key doesn't return the
focus to the app main window. See

Well, you have a couple choices:

1. Come up with a better virtual keyboard layout that isn't likely to conflict with existing shortcuts. (Or make the things likely to conflict configurable in your app.)

2. Suggest that users disable conflicting key bindings or, if that's not possible, use a different WM that doesn't have a conflicting key binding (or is configurable).

Basically #1 is your only viable option. #2 is going to make the majority of your potential users either say "huh, what's a window manager? how do I change that?" and be completely confused, or say "no thanks, I can live without your app."

I've looked at the keybindings, but can't work out how to remove this
one. It's possible that it's in Gnome, I haven't got that far. Also I
only want to change it for this application.

You can't. The WM doesn't care what app is focused. It'll eat the key regardless.

And besides, even if you do find a solution for GNOME, what about people who run KDE? Xfce? LXDE? *box? Ratpoison? ......

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