Re: how do you create popup window using glade3

Thanks Tadej , it's useful. Now I created a popup window and connected to
the main window.
I want to hide the popup window when the 'OK' button was clicked and I
implement it using code
g_signal_connect_swapped ( ... );

however, this way is a hybrid solution.
Is there anyway to do it in glade?


On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 1:03 AM, Tadej Borovšak <tadeboro gmail com> wrote:


Both manually creating a dialog and using glade to do it are valid
choices in this case. What you'll do depends on the complexity of the
dialog (complex layout can be easier to create using glade).

I wrote a simplistic blog post about dialogs in GTK+ which you may
find useful. It displays both methods of creating a dialog windows -
from code and with glade. You can find it here:

Hope you'll find it useful.

2009/5/20 frank zhu <frank zhu mingyu gmail com>:
I am new to GTK+ development and I used glade3 to create my application
window which contains a menu.  If a menu item is activated, I want to
another window.
I think the easiest way is to write a callback function to create it in C
code, but is this the common way? or is it possible to create that window
using glade3?

I can provide my source code and glade file if needed.
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