Re: [CRM114spam]: expose event following button press/release

Yes, it is the mouse left-button press/release that causes this twice
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Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 15:27:17 +0400
From: Kalyanov Dmitry <kalyanov dmitry gmail com>
Subject: Re: [CRM114spam]: expose event following button press/release
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On ??????????? 18 ??? 2009 16:12:26 Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
* Tony Wang (wangtao adi gmail com) wrote:
Hi Guys,
Why there is always one expose-event after
the button-press-event(and button-release-event)? that means my app
redraw itself twice for one button event, which made the app UI
any clues for settling the problem?

Because the button is highlighted when you press it and returned to normal
when you release.   Is it just the button that's getting the redraw
or something else?

Button-*-event signal is raised not when pressing and releasing GtkButton
widget on the screen), but when pressing and releasing button of a mouse.
e.g., mouse clicks on form => form redrawn twice.

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