Re: Can't quite get my head around this, can anyone help?

Boggess Rod wrote:
I guess I wasn't clear.  The messagebox is working fine.  It returns
whether the user clicked Ok or Cancel.  I'm calling the
gtk_dialog_run(...) from within the callback of the
on_hscale_valuechanged(...) (or _changevalue) event handler.  It's the
hscale's event handler that I can't get to work.

The valuechanged signal is only raised after the hscale value has been
changed.  That's too late, because if the form contains unsaved changes,
clicking message box's cancel button should prevent the hscale from
changing on the parent form.

Interesting.  I have no idea what would work in this case.

I wonder if you could just punt and set the scale value back to the
original value that it had before the valuechanged signal was emitted.
Would be a bit of a hacks since you'd have to keep track of the value in
an external variable.  But maybe a bit of visual feedback (the scale
moving and then going back) might be good from a usability standpoint.

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