Re: Pass more widgets as gpointer.


The common solution to this problem is to create a structure
containing all of the widgets you may need in callbacks and than pass
pointer to it around.

Some sample code can be found here:

Hope this helps a bit.


2009/4/20 Jens Hansen <jensh604 gmail com>:
Hello All.

I'm quite new to C, but have done some gtk programming in perl.
I've been looking for answers on the web, and in various tutorials, without
any luck.
My question is how to pass more widgets as a gpointer, to a callback
function. (in C )

For instance if a "OK" button, has to read the state of three other

In perl I would make an array of the widgets, and then pass the ref as the
data argument to the callback. I cannot grasp how to do something like that
in C.

An example snippet would be really helpfull.


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