Sensitive child in insensitive parent?


I have a "child" widget, which is packed together with a lot of "siblings" into a "parent" container. Now I want to set the parent with all the siblings insensitive, but keeping my "special child" sensitive.

gtk_widget_set_sensitive(parent, FALSE);
gtk_widget_set_sensitive(child, TRUE);
does not work. I have searched a bit, and it seems even wanted behaviour that a child can only be sensitive if all its parents are sensitive, too.

Of course I can myself set each sibling insensitive, instead of the parent. But this is quite annoying, especially if I want to do this in a multi-level packaging, i.e. if the parent should be insensitive and only a child of a child (of a child ...) should be sensitive.

Does anybody know how to do this easily?

Thanks in advance

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