Re: how to modify the GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo?

May be could be usefull to modify the code at GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo in order
to add properties that allows to hide this objects, in order to share this

2008/9/17 Vivien Malerba <vmalerba gmail com>

2008/9/17 paragasu <paragasu gmail com>:
by default, gnome_db_form/gnome_db_grid widget create a set of control
(GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo). To add or manipulate data.

For my application, i only need the update button, i do not need the
insert, add or
the next record button. How to remove all button except the update

Or how i can create my update button to do function exactly like the one
used in
the GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo update button.

Hidding buttons is not supported by the GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo widget.
However, there are several things you can do:
1) copy the source of GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo (rename it to be one of
your widgets) and remove the unnecessary code, then pack together a
GnomeDbRawGrid/Form with your new widget
2) pack a GnomeDbRawGrid/Form with a button of your own for which the
callback function will call
3) use gnome_db_data_widget_set_write_mode(rawform/grid,
case you don't need any button at all

In any case you'll have to create a GnomeDbRawForm/Grid widget first.

Hope this will help you,


BTW: please use the Gnome-DB mailing list for questions related to
gtk-app-devel-list mailing list
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