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Brian J. Tarricone escribiÃ:
On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 02:20:35 -0300 Martin (OpenGeoMap) wrote:

Someone knows like quarks works in glib????.

I can not find the source code, only the header. ItÅ suppose we don
need free the string inside a static string of a quarks. But how is
that???. Where is the string saved?.

The documentation on quarks should tell you all you need:

If not, please ask specific questions about specific sections of the
documentation that you don't understand.

     g_quark_from_string ()

Here you create a copy of the string. But where is the string saved??. How do you free the string resources?

Usually you need use the quark data, but when you need free it??. Do we need free the string with g_free? If was so, then when we need free the string the firt we have to do is use thes method (g_quark_to_string ) to get the string and then
free the string.

Usually in glib you can see information about what free, but here i can not see it:

For example here we can see what we need free:

, but not in quarks API documentation.

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