Re: how can i scale big pixbuf in realtime?


Mike Massonnet schrieb:
Le Mon, 6 Oct 2008 16:13:25 +0800,
"chen zhixin" <thexin1985 gmail com> a Ãcrit :

i have to scale the image i recived,NTSC,30f/s,yuyv->gray and 720*480
because i need to do something on image,so i use gray->pixmap,and use
cairo_t to do .
then i must scale the 720*480,
use gdk_pixbuf_scale make cpu to 100%.

is there a better way to do this?

The better way would be gstreamer.  Now the question is can you receive
the image inside gstreamer?  Then you can build a pipeline with
gstreamer elements.

filesrc would be a start, then I don't know how to manipulate an
image.  There are other elements that may be interesting
like gdkpixbufscale, gdkpixbufsink, and gdkpixbufdec.

You can use appsrc (gst-plugins-bad, as its new) to inject data in a
pipeline - it has a couple of examples or even write an own source.
Really depends from where you receive the service. videoscale can do the
scaling, ffmpegcolorspace can do colorspace conversions. Appsink can be
used to get results back to your application. The usually better way is
to write your transformations as another plugin.


Look forward for gstreamer.

My 2 cents,
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