Re: Tips on translating to other languages

Hello, Garth.

As I understand, you problem is how to bind particular strings
translation to the system locale (which is set, for example, via
export LANG="es_ES.utf8").

gettext perfoms this binding according to names of .po
files, which contain translation. This binding is difficult enough, but

Although you translation system differs from gettext, you may use
gettext for binding translation identifier (e.g name of file with
translation) to the system locale:


set_translation (dgettext(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, <default_translation_identifier> ));

at the beginning of your Application,
where set_translation() is your function for load translation.

2.Create .po files, which binds <default_transltation_identifier>
to particular translation. like

es.po: "default_transltation_identifier" -> "spanish_transltation_identifier"

and perform others actions, as described in the documentation your

After this steps, if you set system locale to Spanish (e.g. export
LANG="es_ES.utf8"), your application should load Spanish version of
system dialogs.

Hi All,

I'm working on a very large Application that has already shipped in multiple
languages on Mac and Windows.  There's a whole scheme in place which already
works to extract strings from a special text file so I don't need to use any
of the gettext stuff as described in the gtkmm documentation here:

My question is, how do I tell gtk to load the Spanish version of system
dialogs (e.g. the File Open dialog).



Garth Upshaw
Garth's KidStuff
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Andrey Tsyvarev
 Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS
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