GtkTooltip destroys the custom widget when finalized

 Hi all,
I was trying to do a tooltip with a custom widget that display a
GtkProgessBar showing the state of a computation in gtk 2.12.10. My program
often terminates with a memory fault : it lost the reference to the
GtkProgessBar even if I ref it (with g_object_ref).

I investigated and found that when finalized a tooltip destroy its window
and so all the widgets inside. Which I think is hazardous since the tooltip
does not create the custom widget it should not assume its destruction since
the user can still want to keep it.
So I do the following patch : in order to keep my widget, before destroying
the window I remove the custom widget from the tooltip.
Here is the diff : (in function gtk_tooltip_finalize )

<       /* FIXEME : in some case the user can want to keep its custom widget
<        since we don't create it, we should not assume its destruction
<        we remove it from the tooltip so, if the user does not need it
<        it will be finalize (ref_cout == 0), otherwise it will be kept
<        the user unref it.
<        */
<       if (tooltip->custom_widget)
<       {
<         GtkWidget *custom = tooltip->custom_widget;
<         /* Note: We must reset tooltip->custom_widget first,
<          * since gtk_container_remove() will recurse into
<          * gtk_tooltip_set_custom()
<          */
<         tooltip->custom_widget = NULL;
<         gtk_container_remove (GTK_CONTAINER (tooltip->box), custom);
<         g_object_unref (custom);
<       }

This code is actually a duplication of what gtk_tooltip_set_custom does when
setting a new custom widget.

This code works, I do not see any memory leak in my test.


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