Make gtkscrolledwindow to expand to accommodate contents?


since my last question got unanswered, please let me rephrase it:

How do i make a scrolledwindow to expand to accommodate 
its contents?

I do have a varying set of items to be placed in a scrolledwindow.
I want this to be displayed in a dialog as small as possible. This dialog
should be bigger if more more items are to be displayed and if the
screen space isn't sufficient, i want it to get a scrollbar. 

My problem is that a scrolled window always seems to be as small
as possible. If i make the dialog bigger it looks ugly when only a small
number of items is displayed. If i make it smaller it doesn't resize and
i get a small dialog using scrollbars instead of a bigger dialog that 
doesn't need scrollbars. This is on the maemo plattform where you
can't resize dialogs and windows manually. So the user can't even change
things manually if the gtk placement isn't perfect.


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