Re: OpenGL, GtkGlArea, GtkGLExt

On Tue, 2008-03-04 at 17:04 +0000, Carlos Pereira wrote:

Mikael Hallendal wrote:
3 mar 2008 kl. 22.48 skrev Carlos Pereira:

Hi Carlos,

GtkGLext seems to be the most popular GL Area to use these days. You 
might also want to look at Clutter [1] or Pigment [2] which are 
canvases offering some higher level abstractions for 2D/3D usages. It 
depends a bit on what you need, if you just want an area for pure GL 
I'd go with GtkGLext.

Regarding future inclusion of GL in GTK+ there is an open bug about it 
in the Bugzilla [3], I started looking into it a while back but didn't 
have time to get anything off my hard drive. There are some open 
issues in that you can read about in the bug tracker.

Thanks Michael,

I have red a few times that thread, that Owen started five years ago, 
and apparently there is agreement in the essentials:

1) remove all the fat from Gtkglext, namely the wrapper functions 
discussed in that thread, make it a small library that cares only for  
opengl integration, that works in the X window system but also in 
Windows and Mac OS X, exactly as Gtk.


2) change the name, for example to Gtkglarea 2.0*, the legitimate 
sucessor to Gtkglarea 1 (the last version of Gtkglarea that I downloaded 
last week is 1.99 and still comes with gtk_signal_connect and other Gtk 
1.2* functions deprecated long ago)

No, gtkglarea is dead.  We don't want a new widget.  We want being able
to render to widgets using OpenGL as an alternative to using cairo.
That is, the GtkGlExt approach.

3) make it an official (but optional) Gtk library, downloadble from

No.  Push it into the Gtk+ tarball, probably as a new .so.  Like gdk,
gdk-pixbuf, and gtk are different .so's.

I believe this would make Gtk more appealing, particularly for 
scientific/engineering/architecture applications.



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