Re: Problem using g_io_add_watch

Problem: When I call g_io_add_watch my application is crashing with no explanation.

Can you provide a *minimal* but *complete* sample program (just one
source file) that crashes in the same way?

PS: I had a problem with GIOChannel before because I was using Cygwin gcc to
compile (linking with kernel32 and user32) and I read somewhere that I
should use MinGW gcc

If you use the Windows GLib packages from, then yes,
they are not for use by Cygwin programs, so you should use mingw to
compile code that uses them.

 (linking with wsock32) instead, is it right ?

wsock32 in particular has little to do with it. Cygwin is just a
completely different operating system (even if it happens to run on
top of Windows), so you should not use non-Cygwin libraries in Cygwin
programs. (Unless in very special cases when you know exactly what you
are doing. GLib is not such a case.)


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