Problem using g_io_add_watch


I'm having trouble using GIOChannel g_io_add_watch function.

* A sub-library I use opens and writes to a file like this:

    FILE * f = fopen("./LogFile", "w+");
    fprintf(f, "LogMessage\n");

* In my library, I get a GIOChannel on this file and try to add a watch on
it like this:

    GIOChannel * io = g_io_channel_win32_new_fd(fileno(f));
    g_io_add_watch(io, G_IO_IN, io_func, data);

Problem: When I call g_io_add_watch my application is crashing with no

Goal: I'd like to update a GtkTextBuffer with a GIOFunc ("io_func").

(If I do not call this function, GIOChannel works fine)

- OS: Windows Vista (please do not whip me or tell me to go under linux).
- IDE: Eclipse
- Compiler: mingw32-gcc
- Make: mingw32-make

PS: I had a problem with GIOChannel before because I was using Cygwin gcc to
compile (linking with kernel32 and user32) and I read somewhere that I
should use MinGW gcc (linking with wsock32) instead, is it wright ?
And sorry for my english, I am French.

Thanks in advance.

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