Re: Installing gtk on Windows XP

Thanks, all.

Paul: You're a step ahead of me.  I wrote an app on Ubuntu that *I* want to
be able to run on Windows with as little effort as possible.

Luis: I always uninstalled before installing a different package.  The devel
package that you pointed me to works!

tml: You couldn't possible be as grumpy as I am, especially when I am forced
to work on Windows.  I found various directories in the Path variable in
the registry, including lib.  I got rid of everything but bin.  I also got
rid of everything that I had stuck in autoexec.bat.  Works fine.  Probably
there is an easier way to change the path than editing the registry, but I
don't know it.  Next time I am going to use your method for installing gtk
rather than a package.
Jeffrey Barish

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