Re: scrollbars for treeview

Kristian Rietveld:

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 9:12 AM, fkater googlemail com
<fkater googlemail com> wrote:

I've read that a treeview has the scolling ability built-in.
Does that include an easy way to display scrollbars, too?

Or is it necessary to create scrollbars and adjustments and
connect all events separately?

Simply create a GtkScrolledWindow and add the GtkTreeView to this
container.  Then scrolling will work out of the box.

Sorry, I forgot to mention: I was trying this solution for a
long time now -- but it is somehow buggy (try adding and
removing lines and try setting the adjustments by code ->
at some point the widgets are not displayed correctly
anymore). And, from the gtk doc this is explicitly not
recommended for widgets with built-in ability of scrolling.



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