Profiling GTK within an application

I'm attempting to profile GTK in an application and I'm wondering what methodology others use to accomplish this. Is there any documentation that addresses this topic that I should refer to? Any caveats worth pointing out? Here is where I'm at ...

I recently upgraded an application using GTK 2.6 to use GTK 2.10, quickly followed by an upgrade to 2.12. In both cases, the upgraded version of the application consumed 3-5x the CPU as compared to the original version using 2.6. This comparison was done anecdotally using top on a Solaris workstation.

My first step was to have profiled versions of these libraries built in the hope that I could use them to isolate where the additional cycles were being burned. Several builds and profiled runs later, and after a fair amount of searching the Internet, I've concluded that I'll never get anything out of shared objects instrumented with GCC; all code to be profiled must be statically linked. If you know this to be untrue, please let me know! :) My plan now is to build static versions of all GTK libraries instrumented for profiling and link against those.

FYI, Our platform is Solaris 10 (x86) compiling with GCC 3.4.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Rorvick

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