Re: GTK+ v2.12.2 build for Windows ?

To correct the previous statement, even debug build crashes when started
outside of the VS2005 IDE. When started from the IDE it seems to run OK.

Does this happen only when you compile against the 2.12.2 headers, and
run against 2.12.2 binaries?

Yes. Compiles without problems, but crashes on exit.

What about other combinations?

I've reverted back to 2.12.1 and recompiled and everything works fine.

Do you have a stack trace? (Well, you can't get a very good one as the
DLLs don't have debug information included, and even if they did, it
would be in gcc's format, not MSVC's, which you apparently use as you
talk about "release mode" and "debug mode").

As expected, stack trace seems to be unusable. It shows some memory addresses if I remember correctly.


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