Re: Positionning a widget in Table cells

On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 11:33:31PM +0100, Jonathan Winterflood wrote:
I'm using a number of custom widgets, packed into a Table in my main window
One of these ("W") is attached to 2 cells of the first
column, and others ("a","b","c","m") fill the other cells, like so:

m m m
W a b
W _ b
c c c

This Widget is set to shrink vertically, and does exactly so :)
However, it sits centered in the two cells it's allocated.
I'd like to anchor the widget to the top of the two cells.

If the widget is a subclass of GtkMisc, use its methods to
set the alignment.  Otherwise pack it to a GtkAlignment.  In
both cases it has to be attached to the table with vertical
GTK_FILL flag.



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