Re: treeview: seg fault When Collapsing a Row Containg a Selected Item

I have a treeview/treestore containing many top-level rows. Each top-level row contains many children. The treeview works fine except for one thing. If the user expands a top-level row, selects a child, and then collapses that row the program seg faults with the console error:

gtk_tree_store_get_value: assertion `iter->stamp == GTK_TREE_STORE (tree_model)->stamp' failed
gtype.c:3351: type id `0' is invalid
can't peek value table for type `<invalid>' which is not currently referenced

Without seeing the code I can only guess. I seems that the iter your using is invalid -- or no longer valid. This could occur if you used a LOCAL variable to create the iter; then saved the pointer of that inter and tried to use it somewhere else which creates the segfault.

To poke around looking for it, use this api to test iters before use: bool=gtk_tree_store_iter_is_valid(GtkTreeStore *tree_model, GtkTreeIter *iter)

I apologize for not posting the code originally.  See below.

I don't quite understand how the gtk_tree_store_iter_is_valid() function will help me since the seg fault occurs when the top-level row is collapsed and is (seemingly ?) out of my control.

TeamSelected2 (GtkTreeSelection *selection) {
    GtkTreeModel *model;
    GtkTreePath *path;
    GtkTreeIter iter;
    gint sub, row_count, x;
    gchar *teamname, path_str[10] = " ";
    gboolean valid;

    gtk_tree_selection_get_selected (selection, &model, &iter);
    gtk_tree_model_get (model, &iter, NAME_COLUMN, &teamname, -1);

    if (strlen (teamname) == 4)
        /* user clicked on a year */

    for (sub = row_count = 0; sub < toplevelentries; sub++, row_count = 0) {
        /* walk through the root level of data (years) */
        sprintf (&path_str[0], "%d:0", sub);
        path = gtk_tree_path_new_from_string (&path_str[0]);

        valid = gtk_tree_model_get_iter (model, &iter, path);
        while (valid) {
            /* walk through the sub-level (teams), looking for the selected row */
            if (gtk_tree_selection_iter_is_selected (selection, &iter) == TRUE)
                /* get out of the for() loop */
                goto GetOutFor;

            valid = gtk_tree_model_iter_next (model, &iter);

[do some processing and return]

Marshall Lake -- mlake mlake net --

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