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Medora Schauer wrote:
Have you tried making one that is 20 pixels high?  That is what
me on this path.  With a combobox of this size I have to use a font
that is too small to be legible if I don't want the text to be

I always let size-request mechanism to do its work.  And I see no
to set size explicitly except _maybe_ for handheld computers with

I don't disagree that the size of the widget should depend on the size
of the font.  After all it only makes sense that the rendering of the
widget must allow the font to be fully visible.  The problem I'm having
is that the rendering is resulting in a widget that is much bigger than
the font it is required to display.  Using a Sans 8 font the amount of
"dead" space within the widget is proportionally large enough to be
aesthetically unpleasing. It is the same number of pixels as when using
a larger font but is proportionally more. I understand there needs to be
some reserved space (focus line, focus padding) but that should only be
2 or 3 pixels (right?).  I'm seeing much more (5 maybe).

I also happen to have non-default and a little larger-than-normal
How is explicit height setting assumed to account for that?  Or for
different themes out there?


Explicitly setting the height is a bad habit picked up from using a gui
builder and then copying the code it generates.  I've deleted the
explicit size setting from my code.  But the problem remains.  Using a
font of Sans 8 the resulting widget takes up more space than is
necessary to render the font.  Or so it seems to me...


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