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On Wed, 2007-21-02 at 17:11 +0530, Udayan Singh wrote:

I want to develop an application where I can get a list of all the windows 
that are open in the GNOME Screen and find any activity being performed on 
any other window on the GUI screen (and not only my application) e.g. 
mouse click on window of another application sends me a signal.

You can see the xlsclients program (part of the core X distribution)
for getting a list of windows.

To find activity, one way is to set up a listener on a particular
port, 6161 say, and then use :6161 as your DISPLAY variable; your
listener would forward connections to the real X server.

Another way would be event interposition and synthetic events but
it is deliberate (for security reasons) that this technique
does not always work.  For example, if someone types in a
password and you captured the keystrokes...

If you are trying to write a screen saver, see the code for the
existing ones.

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