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On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 21:40 +0100, Mehmet YASAR wrote:


I need some advice about scrolled views.

I have a gtkscrolledview containing a gtkvbox, I'm adding many 
gtktextviews to the vbox. I'd like to select which gtktextview is 
displayed when I call gtk_widget_show(gkvbox).

The problem I have is related to the fact that each widget have a 
different height, so "size negociation" with the gtkvbox takes many steps.

I can't find the FINAL height of the gtkvbox (after all the widgets have 
been added and their height allocated), so I am unable to scroll to the 
correct position before gtk_widget_show.

If you have caused the GtkVBox to be Realized, meaning all the widget
have done their size negotiations, then to get the x/y position of the
desired GtkTextView - relative to the GtkVBox, you can try something
like this.

if ( GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED(gvbox) ) 
    GTK_WIDGET(gkvbox)->allocation.height;  /* this is the allocated
height */
    GTK_WIDGET(desired_gtktextview)->allocation.y; /* this would be your
scroll to point to display this widget */
                                                                                    /* this point is inside 
the gvbox's height range */

Hope this helps


Can someone help me ?
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