Re: How to compile and link GTK2 Programms tobe compatibe with XFree86 and Xorg

David NeÄas (Yeti) wrote:
On Fri, Aug 31, 2007 at 10:21:52PM +0200, gtk rapp-informatik de wrote:
I changed my developping system now the system openSuse uses
  Xorg  the old system used XFree86
Installed gtk 2.8 or

Building the exexutable now libraries from Xorg are included
like org or

the executeable does not run under systems using XFree86
because auf missing lib.
I hope there will be a possibility to build gtk programms
under newer Distibutions also runable under older Distributions.

You are looking for LSB (which is probably not perfect, but it could be as good as you can get -- in my opinion, anyway):

Daniel Yek.
Installing firefox under the older Distributions makes no problems
and i guess this is gtk applikation too.

Mozilla builds with old libraries, IIRC they build on
something as ancient as RedHat 8.  To produce executables
that run with library version X or newer build with library
version X (assuming backward compatibility) -- to ensure
your program actually works with version X, you need to
build and test it with this version anyway (can be done for
instance on a virtual machine).  The other possibility is to
dlopen everything -- generally fragile. The third
possibility is to bundle the libraries -- probably not an
option with X.


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