Looking for signal/callback design advice

Hello Everyone,

I am looking advice on how to structure the gtk application I am working on.
I think that it lends itself very well to the signal/callback mechanism but
I am not sure and would hate to waste time.

The program is going to be a diagnostic heads up display for an autonomous
vehicle. It needs to keep an eye on various servos, battery voltages, relays
et cetera and feed that information through to a graphical display. Further
more there are toggle buttons that should send signals back to the hardware
to turn on or off various items. These items can be safely abstracted as
sockets, files, whatever they need to be abstracted as. Ideal it should be
very easy to plug them into the signal / callback mechanism for people who
shouldn't have to know anything about gtk at all. 

So basically, the front-end part is more or less done. Now I just need to
know how to make a back-end interface.

Anyone who can give advice or link to examples or tutorials would be a
godsend. Anything that will save wasting development time in the long run. 

- Craig
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