Re: I lose in threads + GTK+, looking for help

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
I wrote:
 > > You can't use GTK+ from multiple threads on Win32.

Reed Hedges writes:
 > Can you give some more details Tor? I've done it, so then maybe my
 > program is buggy and I don't know it yet :)

Search the list archives, this has been discussed several times ;)

Sorry, archive searching is still broken (at least trying to search at which is the only archive search I have found so far for gtk-app-devel-list).

Basically, calling some GTK+ APIs from multiple threads might work,
but calling others, or calling them at different times in the lifespan
of a GTK widget, certainly won't. (Either the API has no effect, or
you get a deadlock, or something else happens.)

OK, thats what I meant by my program being bugging and me not realizing it yet. So far I haven't seen any evidence of any of these problems, but thanks for confirming that indeed, they could pop up at any time.

I am not going to do
any exhaustive testing to find out exactly what works and what not,
it's simpler to just state that it isn't supported and doesn't work in

Yeah, that's pretty reasonable I think (for the case of GTK on Win32 certainly).


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