Re: Motion picture with gdkpixbuf

On 10/8/06, Kim Jongha <kim jongha gmail com> wrote:
I want to move a picture with gdkpixbuf when I press some key.

It's hard to explain , but when I press some key, I want some image to
move from position 1 to position 2, just like a motion picture .

-----           ------
| 2 |           |  1 |
-----           -------

Anyway I moved the image to position 2, but It's not a motion picture.
As time goes by, The image was just moved from 1 to 2

core part of my code below:

da = gtk_drawing_area_new();
  gdk_pixbuf_copy_area(background, 0,0,back_width, back_height, frame, 0,0);
  /*of course r1.x value is decrease by 1 */
  if(gdk_rectangle_intersect(&r1, &r2, &dest);



Does somebody help me?

I'm assuming this is in a key-pressed callback - in that case, you
would have to use gdk_threads_enter ()and gdk_threads_leave() (I
think...). However, a much cleaner solution (instead of the while
loop) would be to add a timeout function that moves the image...

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