Re: Can't seem to get rid of the console window (Windows port)

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Ivan Baldo wrote:
   Hello Justin.
   AFAIK the .exe header has a flag that tells if a program is a console
or a windowed program, so I guess you should try to specify the
"-mwindows" flag on the linking process instead of the compiling one
because the linker is what generates the .exe file and has control over
it, not the compiling one; so, try to specify -mwindows when you invoke
the GCC C Linker.

Heh Heh Heh

Totally correct.  Talk about me learning the hard way sometimes... :)

   I can't asure you anything because I still didn't build any GTK
application for Windows but maybe my theory is right or maybe not, but
its cheap to try, right? :).
   HTH, good luck!!!

Thanks. :)

P.s.: your project seems interesting!

Thanks x 2. :)

If it all comes together decently, it should make a positive difference
to making excellent Gnome/GTK application help systems, training, and
tonnes of other stuff.

Still got a ways to go however...

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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